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TERM DATES 2012-2013

Our School is open all Thursdays, starting on 16th September 2012, with the following exceptions:

·         Closed on Thursday 1st November 2012 (half term)

·         Closed on Thursday 27th December 2012 and Thursday 3rd January 2013 (Christmas Holidays)

·         Closed on Thursday 21st February 2013 (half term)

·         Closed on Thursday 4th April 2013 (Easter Holidays)

·         Closed on Thursday 2nd May 2013 (Greek Easter Holy Thursday)

·         Closed on Thursday 30th May 2013 (half term)

·         Final day of school, 4th July 2013 (before Summer Holidays)


Please note that since the local Easter falls on March 31st and the Greek Easter falls on the 5th of May,

we cannot remain closed for both. Therefore, the school will remain open on one of the two Thursdays

of the local Easter holidays (closed on 4th April but open on 11th April) and will remain closed on 2nd of May

 for the Greek Holy Thursday, since the church building will be used for the Liturgy that evening.


From the Committee



Dear students, parents and friends of the Greek School of Milton Keynes,

we trully hope you have all enjoyed a much needed summer break and we would like to welcome you back to the 2012-2013 school year!

We would like to start this Newsletter with some great news. All four of "our" girls who took their Greek GCSE exams last spring, passed successfully, achieving A* and A ! That was a brilliant result that made us all proud. Therefore we invite you to join us in congratulating Miss Athena Tzallas, Mis Georgia Demopoulou, Miss Antonia-Maria Diakostefani and Miss Evaggelia Diakostefani. Through their hard work and the support of their teachers and parents, they acquired  a certification that might prove valuable for their future.

In other news....

1. Our school will re-open on Thursday 6th September 2012. The first day will serve the purpose of registrations and class allocations, as well as meeting new students. It would also be beneficial to get the administrative side of things out of the way, so full lessons can start on Thursday, the 13th of September. It is vital to have students registered in time, so the best possible class allocations can be made, in order to avoid reshuffling and disruptions later in the term. If you are unable to attend that day (17:00 to about 20:00), please inform us of your interest to enrol through email. Those of you who need directions to find us, check here:

2. Since we will have new students joining our little school this year, a reminder of our school hours is needed. The school will be open every Thursday (UK school terms), from 17:00 to 18:45 for children and from 19:00 to 20:30 for adults. Especially for the children, please try to arrive in school on time. Those few hours every month are precious and every lost minute is hard to recover. We do appreciate that on occassions teachers were late, but bear in mind that they travel very long distances and they could subject to possible delays. This is not an excuse however, and every effort will be made to correct this.

3. Again, for this school year, the Greek government has not provided teaching staff, due to the austerity measures in force. This has been detrimental (in some cases terminal) for many Greek Language Schools in the UK, primarily outside London. Our school, made the necessary adjustments to the new reality so we managed to remain open last school year. The same has been done for this coming school year. Two factors assisted in this, the help of the Cypriot government (subsidising part of the teachers' salaries) and, of course, your support. We have achieved to retain the 3 teachers we had last year, which should suffice given the expected student numbers.

4. We need to remind the existing parents and students as well as to inform the new students, that the Greek School of Milton Keynes is run by the Greek Orthodox Community of Milton Keynes, a registered charity. One of our aims is to promote the Greek Language and Culture to those interested, of any age, religion or ethnic background. We would be offering this service at no charge if we had sufficient means to do so (there are no actual school fees). In the past, we were asking for a small donation towards the insurance required for the classrooms we were hiring in various local schools.

Now we have our own building, however that has its own costs such as heating etc, but the odds are stacking against us due to the fact that we now have to cover a significant part of teachers' salaries and transportation costs (due to the withdrawal of support from Greece, as mentioned above). Last school year, we calculated that we could just about leave the indicative donation required to the same levels as the year before. That calculation was primarily based on our desire not to ask for more help from yourselves. It proved to be unsustainable. The last school year put a significant "dent" in the Community's balance sheets (income not covering the expenses) , such that cannot continue without adjustment.

The last meeting of the Committee, re-calculated the amounts required and the expected number of students and decided to kindly request that you adjust your donations, as follows, in order for the school to continue its work unaffected this year.

Indicative Donation Required, per Term (3 Terms in a School Year)


For 1 Child : £65 (£60 last year)
For 2 Children: £110 (£90 last year)
For 3 Children: £130 (£120 last year)


Adult : £65 (£60 last year)
we were applying some kind of "concession" for adults (couples and relatives) last year. We kindly ask you that this is adjusted, so a couple or two relatives donate £65 per person/per term.

We sincerely hope that you find these adjustments acceptable and justified for the sustainability of our school, given the current financial crisis that affects us all and it was heavily in the minds of the Committee members during this decision . Please note, that even with this increase in donations, the Community will still have to fund the school from other sources of donations (through fundraising etc.).

Donations are requested to be given on the beginning of each term (on registration (6/9/12), the first day back from Christmas break and the first day back from Easter break).

It is our Charity's duty of care to provide for all. If a family has objective difficulty with such donation, that does not mean that their children will be excluded. They will be given what this school provides. Please discuss it with one of the coordinators, who in turn will discreetly notify the President so the matter can be dealt with confidentially.

5. As we repeatedly say, this school belongs to everyone. It is not a business or a profit making project. Therefore, please do not think of yourselves as customers. Whenever you see something that does not work well in the running of the school, discuss it and seek improvements. There are key volunteers who assist into the everyday running of the school. Help them. Let them know what is wrong and find a solution together. They are not only  financially donating to the school like everyone else but they are also donating their time as well. So please do not see them as the "owners" of the school! They are one of you.

Teaching Staff:
Mr. Ilias Kanetounis (Headteacher)
Mrs. Nektaria Halari
Miss Eleonora Zervou.

Committee Members/Coordination Volunteers

Mrs. Niki Beales (GOCMK President)
Prof. Periklis Pilidis (School President)
Mr. Dimitris Christoulakis (Registrations/Communications/Coordination)
Mrs. Anna Anthi (Coordination)
Mrs. Hillary Tzallas (Donations collection)

We hope to see you all on Thursday the 6th and as a typical Greek wish for this time of the year goes:
"Have a good Winter!"
"Kalo Cheimona!"

The Committee of the Greek Orthodox Community of Milton Keynes

September 09

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